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Ecce Yeomanus

The 2nd Biennial Symposium of the Inst of Yeoman Studies, Ecce Yeomanus on 7-8th Feb. 2009, was by general vote a great success. Some 220 delegates from thirteen countries convened over two days at the Univ. Bangor, Wales to listen to 37 papers and some very lively forum interchanges.

Among the keynote speakers we were privileged to welcome so many who have made a seminal contribution to Yeoman studies since that historic day of 14th February 2002.

Plenary addresses included:

New Light on the King James Poison Libel. Did Yeoman Vindicate Eglisham’s Pamphlet?
Prof. Frederick Watson, Univ. Kansas Medical Centre

So Who Was that ‘Damned Fop’ Who Stood by the Door? Analogies in the Wedding Scene with Joyce’s ‘Macintosh Man’.
Prof. Buzz Harper, Univ. Bangor, Wales.

Illicit Diaphora and Diachronic Metalepsis in Hippo’s ‘Market Fugue’ Episode.
Prof. Michael Riffamonde, Columbia University, New York

Jousts, Wagers and Debts: the Private and Public Faces of Lord Buckingham, George Villiers.
Prof. Roger Keyer, Royal Holloway, Univ. London

Mercerian Phylogenesis in Recessive Rhinophynimia and Tristram Shandy.
Paul Mote, Editor, Southern Humanities Review

The Seed Drill Revisited: Jethro Tull’s Secret Debt to Yeoman
Sharon Thirsk, Gen. Editor, The Agrarian History of England and Wales

Was Bostock a Crypto-Jesuit? The Unreliable Narrator in Yeoman’s Theophanies.
Prof. Monika Floodernik, Albert Ludwigs Univ. Freiburg

Hippo, Dee, Forman and the Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz.
Dame Frances Yeats, Warburg Inst., Univ. London

Symbologies of Power in the Meta-Anecdotes of Yeomaniana and of Myself
Prof. Stephen Roseblatt, Harvard University